Grounded Spirituality

there is nothing more spiritual than being present and in your body...

It has been about eight months since I've felt the urge to write a blog. At first, I felt the pressure to continue writing in order to keep putting "myself out there", and then I really started to question "what is out there" and what does really mean?

In western culture, you tend to feel the need to continuously produce. To always keep going and keep the momentum flowing. Yet heres the thing, sometimes there is value in taking a step back and really re-assessing your quality of life.

I invite you to do this now, if you feel the need to do so.

1. Think of a certain aspect in your life that you feel is taking a lot of energy to maintain.

( you feel tired just thinking about it)

2. Bring awareness to your body through your breath, what do you notice? (you can take notes too *they can be mental notes or written ones*)

3. Check in with your chest and your stomach. For that is where most of us have our centre and where we feel the most.

(breathe into your centre and sink into it)

4. Get intimate with yourself and ask "what do I need to know regarding this particular issue? "

(we all can get messages from our bodies whether they're words, images, feelings or just a knowing or... )

5. Don't just listen, also act according to your own inner wisdom.

(its ok, baby steps count just as much as the "big" ones do)

This is true spirituality, cultivating deep intimacy with your body for it is your chosen vehicle in this particular lifetime. There is no need to go outside of yourself, for you are the universe incarnate.

Believe in your sovereignty and inner knowing for no one knows you better than you know yourself. You are here to master your humanity through divine unconditional love.

So all in all, it really comes down to You, Your breath, and Your body.