The Gift of the Sun

No Mud, no Lotus - Thich Nhat Hanh

Sometimes you must go through the muck in order to get to where you’re meant to be. The path may not look appealing; yet you must trust in the light that you are. You have what it takes to get through the pain, the shame, the sadness, and the anger. It is about having trust in yourself, and trust in the notion that sometimes you might not be able to see the bigger picture from where you are standing. So life will guide you into a journey of self discovery to expand your perceptive. Which often times results in a heightened awareness of the bigger picture. A deeper understanding of the whole.

I invite you to think back to a time where you triumphed through a very difficult time in your life and ask yourself the important question:

“ Who was I before it happened, and who was I after I emerged from it and how does it affect my life, in the here and now?”

The answer can bring you to a deeper sense of understanding as to why sometimes you go through life phases that aren't so pleasant. You might not have a choice in going through it. Yet you do have a choice in regards to how you choose to respond to it.

Whatever you focus on expands, so ask yourself “What am I focusing on, right now?”

Are you focusing on whats going “wrong” or are you focusing on whats going “right”. Whatever your mind chooses to focus on, your body will have a certain reaction to it.

If I focus on the past (what was lost), it can lead to depression.

It I focus on the future (what is yet to be attained), it can lead to anxiety.

If I focus on the present (for I cannot be anywhere I am not), It can lead to presence.

What will presence provide?

Well, presence is a gift. It is where you’re able to take a breath, look around and make an inventory of what you’re grateful for and of all the things you appreciate. Presence, is like the Sun; just as you believe and trust that the Sun will shine everyday, I invite you to believe and trust that you will get through this. For your Sun within shines everyday, too.

Presence is the gift of breath. The gift of being. The gift of the Sun.