Compassion Starts with You

To me, compassion is your ability to experience yourself and others from a place of non-judgemental curiosity.

What does that mean? Well let’s break it down…

It is the state in which you observe your behaviour and someone else’s behaviour without really mentally labelling it as good or bad. It just is. I know that it can be especially hard with your state of the art, Inner Critic that resides in your brain; whose original aim was to guide you towards what needs healing but has morphed into a tyrant monster that can keep you from expressing the perfection of your true self and undervaluing yourself. Along with, always needing outside validation and recognition for doing a good job, whatever that may entail or look like.

So there is it, when you accept who you are, as in all the quirky qualities that makes you YOU, the more you are able to hold space for other people being themselves as well. Meaning that when you do the work that allows you to see the magnificence of your being, the more you are able to see and appreciate other people’s unique self as well. It really is the Namaste piece, where the light in me loves and honours the light in you.

Compassion emerges from the inside out. It truly starts with your ability to hold space for yourself first and foremost. It is being able to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that your BE-ing is good enough for you are HERE. Nothing less and nothing more. Being absolutely present with yourself for yourself will enable you to not only develop empathy for yourself but also develop it for others as well. When you no longer deny yourself from yourself, is when you are able to experience others without your judgement glasses.

It is being able to let go of an external view of how you should feel, look, or behave. It is when you are able to show up as you are, having integrated that we all exist in each other’s hearts and the more work you do to self-examine, the deeper you are able to experience and honour someone else’s Be-ing.

We are all on different paths, yet the destination is the same. I invite you to imagine and feel a world governed with self-acceptance and love for self and others. Where would we be as a Global Nation?

Key Word: Yourself. (I wrote it eleven times for emphasis)

**This does not excuse nor pardon a perpetrator who brought pain upon another person.**